Double Deco Dagger Posts

Double Deco Dagger Posts


We’ve treated this series as an excuse to experiment with new textures and materials, exploring the more tactile experiences one might only have once deviating from a two dimensional format.  We play with form and light, interacting with the contours of the body. These translucent terrains use repetition to create their undulating forms, refracting the light and hugging the body. 

Each shape is cut using a cnc waterjet, allowing for these geometric shapes to be perfectly reproduced. After each shape is cut from the surface of our colorful glass plates, they are ground down by hand to a comfortably wearable thickness using diamond infused abrasives. A trip through the kiln returns each sanded edge to its original glassy shine.

These earrings measure 2.5in x 1.25in in translucent blown glass.

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